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Wanted in Rome Card discounts

  • 21/02/2017 - Transport
    Taxi strike in Rome enters sixth day. Taxi drivers from across Italy are converging in Rome to protest against an amendment, currently before parliament, that would lead to the de...
  • 21/02/2017 - City
    Police apprehend illegal “centurions” in Piazza del Popolo area. Rome police have fined two men €400 each for dressing as centurions and charging tourists for photog...
  • 17/02/2017 - Transport
    Most polluting vehicles banned from driving in Rome on 17 February. Rome has banned the most polluting vehicles from circulating within the city’s fascia verde or green belt (th...
  • 16/02/2017 - Transport
    Rome airports practically without taxis as drivers protest parliament vote. Rome’s taxi drivers are striking on Thursday 16 February ahead of a senate vote on a raft of measu...
  • 22/02/2017 - Exhibitions
    4 March-16 July. A retrospective exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Boldini comprising more than 250 works by the Ferrara artist, on loan from major museums and private collections a...
  • 21/02/2017 - Exhibitions
    4 March-18 June. Exhibition displaying the Heroes cycle of paintings by Georg Baselitz, one of Europe’s most important contemporary artists, 50 years after he created the ser...
  • 21/02/2017 - Live Music
    26 July. Tickets are on sale for a concert by Welsh crooner Tom Jones who performs at the Auditorium Parco della Musica on 26 July. Jones shot to stardom in the 1960s with hits suc...
  • 21/02/2017 - Comedy
    24 Feb. The line-up of this Post-Valentine’s evening of hilarity, in English, features MC Nick Norvell along with club-founder Marsha De Salvatore, regulars Liz Knight and J...

Yellow Pages

  • 15/02/2017 - City
    Three generations of biscuit specialists in the heart of Trastevere. Paula Berner Magalhaes On a narrow street in Rome’s Trastevere neighbourhood, the blending of gastronomi...
  • 15/02/2017 - City
    Paolo Berdini ninth senior figure to leave Raggi team. Rome’s urban planning chief Paolo Berdini has become the latest high-profile figure to abandon the administration of th...
  • 14/02/2017 - City
    Valentine’s Day map aims to help victims of domestic violence. A new map showing Rome’s police stations in their proximity to the capital’s metro stations has been re...
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The wanted network

  • 20/02/2017 - Music
    28 Feb. A reinterpretation of Mahler by Christian Fennesz, Austrian guitarist and composer of electronic music with live visuals by the German digital abstractionist Lillevan. This...
  • 20/02/2017 -
    21 Feb. Rome’s John Cabot University is holding an information session about its new Master of Arts (MA) in Art History at 18.30 on Tuesday 21 February. The MA, which launche...
  • 20/02/2017 - IrishFilmFesta
    30 March-2 April. The tenth Irish Film Festa, the only Italian film festival dedicated completely to Irish cinema, takes place at Rome’s Casa del Cinema from 30 March to 2 Ap...
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