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Rome has an ever increasing amount of free wi-fi on offer as more and more Roman bars embrace the concept of co-working – or even just browsing the net – over coffee and drinks. We have prepared a list of ten of Rome's most vibrant bars, cafes and cultural venues offering free wifi.

In recent years Rome has seen a boom in street art, most of which is concentrated outside the centre in suburbs such as Ostiense, Pigneto, S. Basilio, S. Lorenzo, Testaccio and Tor Marancia. This colourful and innovative movement has been embraced by city authorities who see it as a way of both attracting tourists and boosting morale in neglected corners of the capital. Rome’s reputation as a European street art capital continues to grow, in tandem with its stable of top Italian and international artists who are transforming parts of the city into an open-air art museum.

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Although it seems like Rome has an Irish pub for every day of the year, most of these are far from authentic and have little to do with the country they purport to represent. We have selected ten of Rome’s best Irish pubs, all of which are either owned or frequented by the Irish and friends of Ireland, or at least have what might be described as a genuine Irish pub atmosphere.

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There are numerous magnificent gardens in and around Rome which open their doors to visitors during the warmer months. In addition to the privately owned gems dotted around the Lazio countryside, our list includes the gardens of the capital’s foreign cultural academies, the municipal rose garden, and the papal retreat at Castel Gandolfo.

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Rome is fortunate to be surrounded by six picturesque lakes, all situated within about an hour of the capital. Visitors can enjoy swimming, boating and water sports at the lakes which also provide a welcome escape from the heat of the city during the summer.

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Tickets for Colosseum and Palatine Hill

Tickets for the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill can be bought online as well as in person at the Colosseum and the Palatine entrance on Via di S. Gregorio. There are many ticket options available for individuals, groups and tours. Tickets can also be bought by telephone at (+39) 0639967.

Tickets for the Vatican Museums

Tickets for the Vatican Museums can be bought online or in person at the museums Mon-Sat 09.00-16.00. There are many ticket options available for individuals, groups and tours. Opening hours vary depending on time of year. The ticket office can also be contacted by telephone at (0039) 0669883332.


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