Naples: A city like no other (thank goodness)

I fell in love with Naples when I was 18. I had taken a gap year and saved up some money, and much to the dismay of my mother, I wanted to go to Europe. There was no logical reason to go to Naples....

George Floyd mural in Naples: Time to Change the World

George Floyd mural by street artist Jorit appears on Naples rooftop. George Floyd's face appears in the centre of a mural on a rooftop in Naples alongside Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Angela Davis...

Getting to know Naples: Seven must-see tourist destinations

“See Naples and die,” the saying goes--meaning, once you’ve seen Naples, you’ve seen it all. However, many tourists who visit Naples leave without really getting to know the city. Often used as a la...

Why tourists skip Naples: debunking common misconceptions

Though it is one of the biggest cities in the country, Naples is often thought of as the “messy brother” or “crazy uncle” of Italian cities, the one that doesn’t quite fit in, and certainly doesn’t tr...

Pompeii reopens House of Lovers after 40 years

Italy is to reopen three Pompeii houses to the public after restoration. The House of Lovers, one of the most famous buildings in Pompeii, is to reopen after 40 years, according to an announcement by...


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Get to Know Rome

I’m a retired college prof who lived in Rome but was too busy to study the city properly. Now I’ve spent a few years learning what I should have known before, and I’m publishing it...