Colosseum, Monti

Colosseum is the between the Colosseum and S. Giovanni. It is still unspoilt even though it is close to some of Rome's best-known monuments. Here there are a number of 1930s apartment blocks, small traditional shops and restaurants and several parks. it is a quiet, unpretentious neighbourhood but it is surrounded by traffic-blocked streets. Parking is almost impossible but public transport is excellent.
Monti, between the Termini station and the Via dei Fori Imperiali, has a genuine village atmosphere. It's close to some of the city's main tourist sites but it still has a local feel. There is a small pleasant market in the zone. The best thing about Monti is probably its position; near to everything but at the same time a world of its own. The worst thing about it is that it is on a hill and if you have a car you'll find it hard to park.

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Address Colosseum, Monti, Rome

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Colosseum, Monti

Colosseum, Monti, Rome