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Chase Buchanan USA was founded by Americans living in Europe who recognized a need for trustworthy expertise in the realm of cross-border financial planning for those moving or already living abroad. 

With a combined 27 years of professional experience crafting strategies that facilitate the accumulation, maintenance, and eventual distribution of American wealth, Chase Buchanan USA is uniquely positioned to help Americans at any stage of their expat journey navigate the cross-border complexities that come with living in Italy.

As an American-owned and operated organization, the Chase Buchanan USA team brings a holistic approach to their work rooted in the team’s lived experience as expats. Co-founders Alex Ingrim, Chartered MCSI, and Scott Evans CFA, MBA, CFP® have lived in several different countries over the past two decades, and Alex Ingrim is currently based in Florence, Italy with his wife and children. Their personal experience as Americans abroad continually shapes Chase Buchanan USA’s approach to supporting Americans along their expat paths. 

The firm’s approach is unique in that it is holistic both strategically and personally, meaning that all aspects of the context in which clients require cross-border financial planning are considered and respected. No American is living in Italy under quite the same circumstances, which poses challenges for the Americans seeking concrete understanding online, but exciting planning opportunities for cross-border experts trained to nurture expat financial wellness. 

In addition to personally understanding the expat experience, Alex and Scott embody internationality within their nuclear families. As Americans who partnered with non-US spouses, they are intimately familiar with the need to account (and plan) for:
  • the unique considerations of marrying a non-citizen
  • raising and financially providing for dual-nationality children, and 
  • crafting a dynamic cross-border financial plan that evolves to support and build generational wealth into retirement and beyond

The Chase Buchanan USA team understands that successful, long-term wealth management encompasses a suite of complex sociocultural, geopolitical, and international economic situations. And yet, the risk inherent in uncertainty can be mitigated by expat financial planning. This is particularly true in countries that have established tax treaties with the US, such as Italy. 

The Chase Buchanan USA team understands that “wealth management” is only a small piece of an American expat’s financial wellness pie. Every personal detail of our clients is considered from both a human and strategic perspective, meaning that your personal goals and unique concerns are heard and accounted for when we design your plan. 

While this means that no two cross-border plans will look alike, it also means that there are a lot of planning variables that can be contextualized against the bilateral legislative framework that exists between Italy and the US. 

Chase Buchanan USA’s goal is to ensure that Americans in Italy feel accompanied and informed at every step of their financial journey. Moreover, while it all starts with a first conversation, Chase Buchanan USA understands that topics related to finance can be challenging to get into and take more than just one meeting to unravel. Be sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming in-person events that may be happening in your area, and visit our website to stay informed about important news in the cross-border financial planning space.  

Trust is at the heart of our operations – we understand and respect that everybody forms connections at their own pace. So, don’t worry. We’ll match yours, and look forward to meeting you.  

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