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Italy's news in English since 1985

Italy's news in English since 1985

Since 1985 we have been providing news in English about Italy to local communities as well as to international readers.

You can find all the latest updates by following this link, which will take you to our news section about Italy.

The page is updated daily with local, national and international topics.

Over the last forty years we have been committed to providing accurate, verified and completely original information to our readers who, year after year, have rewarded us with their trust.

We write about national and local politics, economics, tourism, and everything related to Italy, both nationally and internationally.

Over the years, our network, which started in Rome, has expanded and today we also provide local news about Milan, Africa and Europe

Of course, we're not the only ones. Below you can find a list of the main national and local newspapers that, for history and tradition, are points of reference for anyone who wants insight into the news in Italy:


  • Corriere della Sera
Corriere della Sera is an historic Italian daily newspaper, founded in Milan in 1876. Published by RCS MediaGroup, it is the first Italian daily newspaper in terms of circulation and readership. Its slogan is, "The freedom of ideas". It reports both national and international topics of interest.
  • La Stampa
La Stampa is an Italian daily newspaper based in Turin. It was the fourth Italian daily newspaper in circulation. It was founded as the Gazzetta Piemontese, and took its current name in 1895. It has recently developed an editorial newsroom exclusively for the online version, that remains open and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • La Repubblica
La Repubblica is an Italian daily newspaper, based in Rome, belonging to GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, and part of the Exor group. It is the second largest daily newspaper in Italy in terms of total circulation (print + digital) and also in terms of number of readers, following Corriere della Sera.


  • Il Messaggero
Il Messaggero, founded in 1878, is an historic national daily newspaper based in Rome, owned by Caltagirone Editore. It is the eighth most circulated Italian daily newspaper, and the best selling in the capital. Its historic headquarters is in Via del Tritone 152, in an early twentieth century building.
  • Il Mattino
Il Mattino is a newspaper founded in Naples in March 1892 by Edoardo Scarfoglio and Matilde Serao. Over the years it has maintained its leadership as the premier newspaper in southern Italy in terms of number of copies and circulation.
  • City News network
Citynews Spa is an Italian company active in the digital publishing sector, founded in 2010 by Luca Lani and Fernando Diana. The company has developed a digital platform of proximity information and participatory journalism, and is present with 50 local editions, 1 national edition (Today) and 1 international edition, (EuropaToday).

News in English

  • Ansa English Edition
The Associated National Press Agency, commonly known as ANSA, is the first multimedia information agency in Italy, and the fifth in the world after Reuters, AP, AFP and EFE. It was founded in Rome in 1945 to succeed the dissolved Stefani agency.


Over the years a good number of Blogs have developed and grown to aid English- speaking readers, especially from a lifestyle point of view. Here is a list of the best ones.
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