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Best Blogs about Rome

When traveling to another country for a short period of time, the best way to get the most out of your visit is to plan in advance. Here are a few blogs that will assist in the planning phase of your future journey to Rome. 

Food Blogs

Everyone knows that food and coffee play a big role in Italian culture. On every street, you will pass at least five food establishments. Whether they are serving expresso, baked goods, pizza or sit-down meals, it’s important to know the best places to get good food and an amazing Italian experience. Katie Parla is one blog that focuses solely on food. The blog can be found on

On Parla’s site, one can find links to Parla’s cookbooks that share recipes from around Italy. Her latest cookbook focuses solely on the Italian South and has been appropriately named Food of the Italian South. However, that’s not all that can be found. Parla’s blog reviews restaurants in Rome and the taste of Rome.

Parla also posts “City Guides” that can guide prospective travelers through the amazing food of Italy. With the slogan “Eating My Way Through Italy,” the Elizabeth Minchilli blog list a variety of different ways to connect with the Italian food culture. Here at, one can find guides to a week in Italy, as well as food tours, day trips, restaurant guides and recipes.

Tip Travel Blogs 

Although food is a big part of the Italian culture, there are so many other things to experience, in the Eternal City. Most blogs focusing on Rome will tell you the best places to eat or have a cocktail. However, these same blogs will guide you through the best places to see, how to get around, what to bring, etc. 

The Testaccina blog holds a big focus on food. Unlike Katie Parla, Testaccina names the best places to have a cocktail. This blog also lists a plethora of great places to get non-Italian cuisine in Rome. Testaccina lists a variety of pubs in Rome that serve traditional English foods. One blog focuses solely on visiting the Korean Cultural Institute in Rome. Here, visitors can experience a taste of Korea, while learning how to cook Korean food through free cooking classes. However, food is not the only topic you can read about on This website gives advice on the best blogger tools, like the infamous “selfie stick,” among other things. The Testaccina website also post blogs about visiting famous sites, like Rome’s Verano Cemetery, the Gardens of Ninfa, Lazio beaches. There is also a tab in the menu that lists advice about moving to Rome. Owned by Gillian Longworth McGuire, the Gillian’s List blog is written by an expat, who has lived in the Eternal City for more than a dozen years. On, this dedicated blogger writes not only about her experiences in Rome, but also her experiences in other countries throughout Europe.

Gillian blogs about her favorite things to do and eat in Rome, while also providing information regarding Italian beaches and islands. In Rome, Gillian has found her home, and her blog can help inspire future visits or permanent moves. 

Although this blog is written in Italian, A day in Rome (and around the world) is a great site that can be used for figuring out travel essentials. Chiara Ercini, owner of A day in Rome, has split her website into three different categories: Rome, Italy, and World.

In these tabs, you can find advice for traveling around Rome, Italy and other places around the world. In Ercini’s “About Me” section, she reveals that she has a passion for “discovery, art, creativity and people.” These are the exact things that she writes about. You can also find some Roman recipes, too. 

An Answer to All of Your Questions 

When traveling to any new place, a lot of questions must be answered, especially when traveling to Rome. Rome is at the center of most significant sights in Italy: Florence, Naples, Pompeii. More than that, Rome is overwhelming on its own. It’s a big city with so many things to do and see, and it’s always helpful to have one place to go to answer all of your questions. Rome Wise is that place.

On, Elyssa Bernard list all of these questions and provides a clear answer for everything. At the bottom of Bernard’s home page, before reaching the comments section, you will find a variety of questions: “What’s a Roma Pass? Is it worth getting one?” “Is Rome a safe city to walk around in? Are there neighborhoods to avoid?” “Do most places in Rome accept credit cards?” “Is it ok to have a cappuccino in the afternoon?” “How do I get to the catacombs?” In all of these questions, keywords are highlighted in blue. Clicking on these highlighted words or phrases will take you directly to Bernard’s answers.

Social networking 

For some people, a visit to Rome isn’t enough. However, moving to a foreign city can be tricky, especially when you’re going in alone. At Expats living in Rome, any person looking to transplant their lives to Rome will find a social network. More than that, the Expats Living in Rome blog lists a variety of different services that will make any move easier and more efficient.


Damien O’Farrell. Here, one can find housing rentals and legal assistance, along with a a professional service specializing in relocation services as well as coaching programs aimed at expatriates.

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