How to dress on a motorino

Motorino etiquette. By Caitlin Frost. If you've been warned by your mother never to get on the back of any man's motorbike, your first time breaking this rule you are thinking about safety. Which me...

Romantic Rome

Liz Knight from Rome...If You Want To highlights the top ten places in Rome to kiss your lover this Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends all over the world! Last year, I wrote...

51 Things I Learned in Italy

I’ve been jotting these off on Twitter lately, and thought I’d collect them all together just for fun. A bit of my hard-earned Italian and Roman wisdom on display for you. If you have thin...

5 Crucial Mistakes Expats Make in Italy

I am the first person to admit that life in Italy is not always a bed of roses. Or rather, it is a bed of roses, but someone neglected to remove the thorns. So, just as you get comfy and cozy on this...


Baby lambs. 450 sheep left Nuoro on the island of Sardinia on 18 November; there were several more when they arrived in L

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: L’Aquila’s false façade.

All is well. Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: damaged churches

On 4 November Berlusconi was in L

ABRUZZO DIARY: Clooney in Abruzzo to shoot a film

Kept his word. On Monday 21 September George Clooney began shooting a film in Abruzzo. During his visit to L

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: tourists in L’Aquila.

The last Sunday in July brought tourists to L


Fabrizio G. Scalabrino gives his own take on the recent G8 summit in L

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: countdown to the G8.

Too late to pull back. On 2 July prime minister Silvio Berlusconi spent seven hours in L

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: four-legged friends.

The majority of pets in L

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: precarious economic situation.

Negative trend. Over the past year Abruzzo has been suffering the consequences of the world

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: Protest in Rome/1.

Local administrators and politicians are brushed aside as Guido Bertolaso, head of the civil protection agency with full powers bestowed on him by prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, takes over. Top...

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: protest in Rome/2.

Decree. It is past midday on 16 June and the first few hundred people are gathered in front of Montecitorio to protest against the decree concerning the reconstruction of Abruzzo, which is soon to be...

ABRUZZO EARTHQUAKE: Campaign 100% for reconstruction.

On 16 June the various associations of earthquake victims who are living in tents or have been evacuated from L

COLLEFERRO: Moonlighting in Strasbourg.

Just as in the rest of Italy, a little over half of Colleferro


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