Castelli H1 1920 x 116
Castelli H1 1920 x 116
Castelli H1 1920 x 116
Taco 700 x 180
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On Monday 28 November the area known as the Fascia Verde inside Rome
Marymount - International School Rome
Residents of the historic centre are to be asked their opinion on the new differentiated rubbish collection scheme introduced by the city rubbish collection and disposal company AMA for homes and businesses between the e...
A group of residents in the dormitory community of Colleferro 50 km south of Rome are organising a grassroots effort to determine the air pollution levels created by a plant of twin waste gasifiers, which was closed by t...
All motorcycles and scooters in the Euro 0 polluting category will be banned from driving in within Rome
An air quality study by the Italian national research agency, Consiglio Nazionale di Ricerca (CNR), has revealed the presence of airborne cocaine in quantities high enough to be considered a pollutant. The initial discov...
National rail company Ferrovie dello Stato has announced that it is setting up an initiative to recycle waste at Rome
Cars with license plates ending in even numbers will be banned from the city
The ever-popular Sanremo song festival, now in its 57th year, will take place from 27 February to 3 March. The musical competition will be held at Sanremo
The total traffic ban, programmed in Rome for Sunday 12 March, has been postponed. Recent weather conditions have been blustery and wet which has helped to disperse the poisons in the air, making the day unnecessary. Dar...
Taco 1920 x 190
Taco 1920 x 190
Taco 1920 x 190
AUR Summer 24 - 320 x 480
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia