Rome court recognises lesbian couple as parents of girl

Rome stepchild adoption recognition follows landmark Milan ruling. A Rome court has recognised a lesbian couple as the mothers of the daughter born to one of the women through assisted reproduction...

Reform to Italy's divorce law

Speedier divorces have now been approved by both houses of parliament. The introduction of “divorce” into the Italian legal system has had a long and difficult history accompanied by debates that h...

Legal rights in case of arrest in Italy

Below we publish the legal advice we have received from Studio Legale Annino for anyone who is detained by the forces of law and order in Italy, as in the case of the ex-pat photographer arrested at t...

Claiming for road accidents In italy

Make sure you know the procedure if you are involvedin a road accident as it can save you time and moneywhen making a claim. Most people visiting or moving to Italy have something to say about the...

Medical malpractice laws in Italy

A look at what constitutes medical liability in Italy. Italy operates on a civil law system, which is based on Roman law. Civil law as a legal system is often compared with common law, which is use...

Italian criminal trials: light and shadows

This is the second in a series containing legal advice about problems readers may encounter during their stay in Italy On 26 March 2013 the Italian lawyer representing the family of the murdered Br...

Buying property in Italy

Whether you want to realise the dream of buying a home in the Italian countryside, make a property investment, or find an accommodation solution while living or working in Italy, buying a property nee...


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