Easy to scrap your old car

For the next six months, Rome city council is offering residents a cheap and easy way to get rid of that old car or moped taking up space in their garage.

A simple, local phone-call to the Roma Capitale contact centre on 060606, and you will be put in touch with the nearest scrap yard licensed to take part in the scheme.  Scrap-yard staff will make an appointment to pick up the vehicle wherever it is, dispose of it legally, and finally send the document confirming the cancellation direct to your home address.  The only cost for the whole operation is the tax of €37 if you can provide the “certificato di proprietà”, or €51 for using any other document confirming the ownership.

It is no coincidence that the scheme has been announced barely a month before new anti-pollution regulations come into force on 1 November, banning older, more polluting vehicles from entering the Green Zone.