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A Weekend Guide to Procida

Located a rough 45 minutes off the coast of Naples via ferry lies Procida, the small Italian island seemingly less populated than its isle neighbors.

As tourists flock to neighboring Capri and Ischia, smaller Procida is quieter, consisting of a small, interconnected community of locals, with many being mainly farmers and sailors.

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Staggered with beaches and sprawling views, Procida makes the perfect weekend getaway for those craving a unique island experience.


The island has a storied past. Dating back to ancient Rome, aristocratic villas lined the island's coastline. It later became a refuge and place of escape, thanks to the island’s “terra murata” or walled earth. Now, the island is a popular Italian tourist destination, where those from the city tend to spend days relaxing on the beach, having a sunset aperitivo, and having coastline dinners.

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Getting there

Getting to Procida is very simple. A short taxi or metro ride (3 stops on L1) from Napoli Centrale (Naples Central Train Station) brings you directly to the Naples port. From there, present your prepurchased ticket QR code to the respective ferry companies' booth or purchase a ticket directly from the office. At the port, you will find a line of ferry company ticket offices, each with a board displaying departure times and what “molo” or dock the ferry will depart from.

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A company employee will open the gate shortly before departure and scan your ticket before boarding. There are two main companies with service to Procida from Naples, Caremar and Snav. Tickets for both companies range from 17- 24 euros, depending on time, but regardless of season.

Warning: be careful in the port of Naples for pickpockets.

Where to Stay

Procida, although small, has a wide range of accommodations ranging from the luxury end to coxy “Agriturismo” or farm stays, typically cheaper than typical accommodation. Here a few recommendations:

San Michele Procida - Boutique Hotel

This 4-star boutique hotel is conveniently located from where the ferry arrives and offers more luxury accommodations with port views. Average price €244/ night.

Via S. Rocco, 61 bis, 80079 Procida NA


Located in the middle of the island, this B&B provides guests with more affordable yet comfortable accommodation 700 meters from Chiaia Beach. Average price €75 /night 41 Via Cavour, 80079 Procida, Italy

Guest Houses

There are many more guest houses sprawled across the island, which vary in design, location, and price.

Getting Around

Typical Italian island taxis are available to take you to your accommodation from the port. They typically only accept cash however, there are banks located near the ferry port. There are also public buses that loop the island fairly frequently. However, arguably, the most ecological and best way to get around the island at your leisure is BIRÓ SHARE. Essentially a ride-share app, they have fully electric buggies dispersed all around the island. The pick-up/ drop-off concept makes it very easy to choose when/where you want to go, all through their app. Cost is the same in the high and low season, with a €2 unlock fee and €.50 per minute for non-residents.

With that in mind, here's a weekend schedule that's sure to make the most out of your getaway: Day 1:

10 AM: Arrive by Ferry at the Port of Procida and hop in a taxi to your accommodation. 11 AM Drop off your luggage and head back to the port; go to the Biro share office (Via

Roma, 136, 80079 Procida NA); as they verify your information, choose a bar along the pier for a coffee. (Just a coffee if Biro isn't for you)

12 PM: Head to lunch to explore the cuisine of Procida. You can have fresh seafood meals from Ristorante La Medusa, Via Roma 116, Procida, and enjoy the sea breeze and people-watch.

1 PM: Use the Biro app or taxi to return to your accommodation and change into swimwear then.. Beach!

2- 6 PM: Relax! The beaches in Procida are not very busy, and chairs are affordable (10 euros or so). Most have options for additional rentals, such as Kayaks or inflatables for children.

7 PM: Return to accommodation and prepare for sunset aperitivo in the smaller, more picturesque southern end port.

9 PM: Italians eat late, especially on vacation, especially in summer. For a beautiful lemon garden dinner, try Ristorante La Pergola, Via Salette 10, for a unique rabbit pasta typical to the Procidian highlands.

Day 2:

8 AM: Breakfast; most accommodations on the island include it in your stay.

9-10 AM: Old town exploration: hike or drive up the hill to the older village on the island and spend time exploring Palazzo D’Avalos, a palace now a museum with its own storied past.

11 AM: Early lunch at the beach: arrive at the free beach before noon and have a cheap lunch at Il Casotto, a takeaway place selling low-priced sandwiches.

12-3 PM: Enjoy the free beach. Take a beach break by taking a stroll on the Ponte di Vivara, a bridge connecting a closed nature reserve with sea views on both sides.

4 PM: Ferry back to Naples.

With the schedule above, you are destined to have a great weekend escape, whether it be from Rome or Naples. Enjoy the colorful buildings, the sea views, the unique cuisine, and, of course, the friendly people.

General Info

Address 80079 Procida NA, Italia

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A Weekend Guide to Procida

80079 Procida NA, Italia

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