Castelli H1 1920 x 116
Castelli H1 1920 x 116
Castelli H1 1920 x 116
Smiling H1 - 700x180
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Still bombs   I can't definitely stand  the war  that never end
Meanwhile the life goes ahead there is something which throb and pulse it is my heart everytime you birth
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Who gave to Francis the Pope, the usual soup?
De sti tempi    Hells or Jingle bells?
Merry Christmas To Everyone.    The bells are ringing on Christmas day And it's our favourite holiday And our saviour Jesus Christ is Born today and the Silver bells that tinkle on Our Christmas trees every night...
Christmas tree lights over Palestine nights.
  S' Hamassasero. Everybody    
Poor metereologist, ma che vole. A Roma c'è er sole.
Emigrant  migraine
Summer whithout you     Whisky sour, essu'
Smiling H3 - 1920x190
Smiling H3 - 1920x190
Smiling H3 - 1920x190
FiR 320 x 480 H3
I take turns between breaking balls and TV hilights goals
A beautiful idea spend 250.000 dollars to die      Pic nic sul Titanic
The tv show is over, è morto Berlusconi a Milano piove
Open the window and a look in the sky, water on the knees and in the cellar. Everything become a cage in the garage, rain everywhere, anybody reach there. A faint pray oh Lord, si bagna tutta l'Emilia Romagna     ...
To win the scudetto    Remembering El pibe de oro. Di San Gennaro.
The shoot down      A woods of tear for Jj4 the bear
Ambrit 1400 x 360