Green Pass

A sense

In my opinion

Old companies

In the cellar

In the cellar    Fernet and Cabernet

Current situation

Current situation  Coffee e buffi

Something to eat

I am breathing sweetly, couched in my bed. Waiting the soup for me and for my dog Ted

A summer kick

 Soccer european, ma la coppa chi la pia?

Republic Day

Tricolor arrows, e tutti June per terra.


 Dante to Beatrice: I want your body. E glielo disse in mille modi.

Maneskin triumph

Er festival de Sanremo so' tenemo.

Around Rome

Around Rome.    Cap, scarf and gloves. How many coin spesi alla Coin.

Our son

 The baby cry, andò stai ?


Birth  Is called vaccine e ha un bel faccin


Jesus Christ, virus or waist.

The last flight to Buenos Aires

I am watching the television smoking a Marlboro. È morto er Pibe de oro.


There is no reason to believe the opposite, c'hai lasciati tutti inetti bye bye Gigi Proietti.

On the telephone

Sorry about the scene of jealousy, where are you? Ma vaffancu.


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Green Pass

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