Antico Caffè Greco: Rome's oldest coffee bar

Caffè Greco has been serving customers in Rome for over 250 years. Antico Caffè Greco, the historic bar on Via dei Condotti near the Spanish Steps, first opened for business in 1760. Founded by Ni...
Historic centre area Food in Historic centre area

Casa Manfredi: sweet treats in Rome's Aventino

French-style pastries and freshly-made tartlets on Viale Aventino. Casa Manfredi has established a reputation for its high-quality pastries since the Antonelli family opened the premises on Viale Ave...
Aventino and San Saba neighbourhood Food in Aventino and San Saba neighbourhood

Nutria: Rome's giant river rodent

Ever noticed the large rodents swimming across Rome's river Tiber? Don't be alarmed - they are not giant rats. Neither are they beavers (hunted to extinction in Italy in around 1900) or otters (extin...

Tram Tram trattoria in Rome's S. Lorenzo quarter

Step back in time with family recipes in a 1940s-style Roman trattoria. Tram Tram is an old-fashioned trattoria serving tasty, traditional Roman cuisine alongside Pugliese fish dishes in the heart of...
San Lorenzo district Restaurants in San Lorenzo district

Said: Rome's chocolate factory in S. Lorenzo

Said Antica Fabbrica del Cioccolato: serving hand-made chocolate treats in Rome. The Said chocolate factory and restaurant, located in the S. Lorenzo quarter of Rome, has been producing its own choco...
San Lorenzo district Food in San Lorenzo district

Poggi: serving Rome artists since 1825

The historic Roman art shop Ditta G. Poggi has sold art supplies in Rome for almost two centuries. Founded in 1825, Poggi Belle Arti has three outlets in Rome: Via del Gesù near the Pantheon, Via Car...
Historic centre area Curiosities in Historic centre area

Coffee at Caffè S. Eustachio in Rome

Caffè S. Eustachio has been serving signature coffee in Rome since 1938. This bustling cafe in Piazza S. Eustachio, near Rome's Pantheon, is famed for its coffee. In fact its reputation for servin...
Historic centre area Food in Historic centre area

Babingtons Tea Room: Victorian traditions in Rome

Historic English tea rooms at Rome's Spanish Steps. Babingtons, the traditional English tea shop and restaurant at the foot of the Spanish Steps, was established by two English women, Isabel Cargill...
Historic centre area Food in Historic centre area

Unexpected Rome: view through Aventine keyhole

A 'keyhole' on Rome's Aventine hill contains a glorious surprise. On the summit of Rome's Aventine hill, near the Giardino degli Aranci or Orange Garden, lies the Church of S. Maria del Priorato....
Aventino and San Saba neighbourhood Curiosities in Aventino and San Saba neighbourhood

Rome's Pyramid of Cestius and how to visit

Rome's Piramide Cestia can be visited on four mornings a month. Rome’s only surviving ancient Egyptian-style pyramid is located directly oppostite the Piramide train station, beside the city's Non-Ca...
Testaccio district Curiosities in Testaccio district

The curious tale of Rome's Magic Portal

An alchemist's magic door can be found in Rome's Piazza Vittorio park. The Alchemical Door, also known as the Magic Portal or the Alchemy Gate, is located in the grounds of the former Villa Palombara...
Esquilino neighbourhood Curiosities in Esquilino neighbourhood

Bignè di S. Giuseppe: sweet tradition for Father's Day in Rome

Each year on 19 March, the feast of St Joseph is marked in Rome and various other Italian regions with a sweet culinary tradition: bignè di S. Giuseppe. In Italy, the feast of St Joseph coincides w...

St Patrick's Well: a highlight of Orvieto

Visitors to Orvieto, near Rome, can traverse the 248 steps of St Patrick's Well. St Patrick’s Well, or Il Pozzo di S. Patrizio, is one of the highlights of the charming cathedral city of Orvieto in s...

Galleria Corsini: National Gallery of Ancient Art in Rome

Galleria Corsini contains masterpieces by Italian and foreign 17th-century masters.Galleria Corsini, which houses works from Italy's national collection of ancient art, is the only collection of paint...
Trastevere neighbourhood Museums in Trastevere neighbourhood

Palazzo Altemps: one of Rome's finest museums

Palazzo Altemps hosts a stellar collection of Greek and Roman sculpture. Rome's Palazzo Altemps, a Renaissance palace located near Piazza Navona, houses a highly important collection of classical Gre...
Historic centre area Museums in Historic centre area

Fairytale and fantasy: Rome's Coppedè quarter

Coppedè district in Rome contains a magical mix of architectural styles. Rome's little-known Coppedè quarter, part of the Trieste suburb, is marked by an eclectic and original mixture of architectura...
Quartiere Africano, Salario, Trieste Curiosities in Quartiere Africano, Salario, Trieste

Cat sanctuary at Rome's pyramid

Rome cat colony in Testaccio can be visited each afternoon. One of Rome's main cat sanctuaries is located in the grounds of the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, beside the Non-Catholic Cemetery, in the city...
Testaccio district Animals in Testaccio district

Tram Depot in Rome

A kiosk bar in the style of a tram carriage makes for an unusual but popular meeting place in the area of Rome where Aventino converges with Testaccio.  Seating is strictly out-doors, with mismatch...
Testaccio district Drinks in Testaccio district

Villa Celimontana park in Rome

This 110,00-sqm park, which is situated between the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla, is best known today for its festivals of jazz music in the summer time.  However before the first strains o...
Colosseum, Monti Parks and gardens in Colosseum, Monti

VIGAMUS: Video Game Museum of Rome

VIGAMUS, the Video Game Museum of Rome, is located in the Prati district of the capital and is the first Italian museum dedicated entirely to interactive games. Visitors have access to 36 different...
Prati district Museums in Prati district


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