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The French Academy at Villa Medici hosts artists from France and provides exhibitions and festivals throughout the year.
The Swiss Institute offers events and classes dedicated to Swiss culture.
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The Egyptian Academy brings Arabian, Egyptian and African culture and art to Italy.
The Norwegian Institute in Rome offers undergraduate and graduate courses in art history, ancient studies and Italian.
The Dutch Institute offers courses in every subject area and at every level for students and researchers and serves as a bridge between Dutch universities and Italy.
The British Council builds mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and increases appreciation of the UK's creative ideas and achievements.
Casa di Goethe, Via del Corso 18, tel. 0632650412, Museum dedicated to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 10.00-18.00. Mon closed.
The Swedish Institute is a research centre dedicated to scientific research in art and archaeology.
The Danish Academy is an institution that offers support to Danish artists.
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The British School at Rome works to bring scholars, artists, researchers and architects from Britain to create an exchange between Britain and Italy.
The Russian Institute provides classes in Russian language and culture with free introductory courses in Russian.
The Belgian Academy facilitates scientific and cultural relations between Italy and Belgium by lending help to researchers and artists who are in Italy.
The Romanian Academy hosts events and works to promote relations between Romania and Italy.
The Austrian Cultural Forum hosts cultural events dedicated to the history and culture of Austria.
The Polish Institute is dedicated to the knowledge of the history and culture of Poland as well as the promotion of dialogue between Poland and Italy.
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia