Lake Bolsena

Located on the site of the Vulsini volcano, dormant since about 100 BC, this crater lake has two islands and is surrounded by rolling hills and vegetation. The area around Montefisascone on the southe...

Lake Albano

This volcanic crater lake presents visitors with beautiful views of its clear water and surrounding forests. The picturesque towns along the shores serve as popular summer resort areas for Romans, inc...

Lake Bracciano

One of the cleanest lakes in Italy, Lago di Bracciano acts as an important drinking water reservoir for Rome. The ban on motor boats (except for a little ferry) means it remains an ideal spot for swim...

Lake Vico

Formed by the volcanic activity of Mount Venus, Lago di Vico offers a unique geological backdrop set amid lush woodland and hills. The surrounding nature reserve is a haven for wildlife, but what is m...

Lake Martignano

This tiny volcanic lake just to the east of Lake Bracciano offers clean water and beaches with scenic views of the surrounding meadows and wildlife. Lago di Martignano is known for its outdoor activit...


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