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Museums in Esquilino neighbourhood

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme hosts ancient Roman and Greek treasures. Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, one of Rome's four national museums, houses one of the world's finest collections of archaeological and classical art....
Palazzo Merulana houses Cerasi collection of 20th-century Italian art. Palazzo Merulana, a museum hosting the important early 20th-century art collection of the Cerasi Foundation, is located beside the Viale Manzoni cor...
Marymount - International School Rome
Part of the protohistorical section of the Museo Nazionale Romano in the Baths of Diocletian plus the restored cloister by Michelangelo. 09.00-19.45. Mon closed.
The Emperor Nero’s Domus Aurea is closed for restoration, but guided tours of the works in progress are available from Tue-Fri, with 40 minute tours in English from 11.20 to 15.20 and in Italian from 10.10 to 14.40...
Tues, Wed, Fri. 09.00-14.00. Sat, Thurs, Sun. 09.00-19.00. Mon closed. €6. Free guided tours in Italian on Sun (11.00 and 17.00).
Important Roman paintings, mosaics, sculpture, coins and antiquities from the Museo Nazionale Romano, including the Kircherian collection. 09.00-18.45. Mon closed. Three-day pass combining Crypta Balbi, Baths of Diocleti...
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