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This week in Italy: A roundup of the main news headlines

Italy renames Malpensa Airport, a cell phone ban in Italian schools, Swiftonomics boosts Milan's economy, and more news from around Italy this week.

Italy's main news headlines from 6-12 July 2024.New name for Malpensa Airport: Milan's main airport Malpensa has been officially renamed after controversial former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. The decision, championed by transport minister Matteo Salvini, has sparked a backlash among Italy's opposition politicians and the general public.

Fiat's 125th anniversary: Fiat celebrated its 125th anniversary with the launch of the new Grande Panda model in Turin where the company as founded in 1899. The milestone was marked with various events highlighting the brand's enduring legacy in the automotive industry.

Smartphone ban in schools: The Italian government announced a ban on the use of mobile phones in school classrooms, "including for educational purposes", from primary level up to junior high school level, along with the reintroduction of the traditional paper homework diary.

Pope Francis on populism: Pope Francis has spoken out against populism, urging Italians to participate actively in democracy. During his address at the Social Weeks of Catholics in the north Italian city of Trieste, the pontiff emphasised the importance of democracy in countering populism and egoism, and called for greater civic engagement.

Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift's two sold-out concerts in Milan are set to result in a total economic impact of almost €180 million for the north Italian city. The 'Swiftonomics' effect will be driven by the 128,000 fans of the American pop star who will perform two concerts at San Siro Stadium this weekend.

Heatwave warning: Italy's health ministry has issued a red alert heatwave warning for 11 Italian cities, including Rome, on Friday 11 July, with high temperatures set to last into next week.

 Milan Malpensa International Airport - Silvio Berlusconi. Photo credit: Michaelvbg /

Italy's main news headlines from 29 June-5 July 2024.

EU leadership agreement and Giorgia Meloni's reaction: Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni continues to criticise the recent EU leadership positions agreement, expressing frustration over the perceived disregard for voters' opinions. This ongoing issue highlights tensions within the EU regarding the process of selecting top positions​.

Economic indicators: Italy's consumer confidence index has shown an increase, rising from 96.4 to 98.3 in June. However business confidence has declined slightly, dropping from 95.1 to 94.5. This mixed economic sentiment reflects optimism among consumers but caution among businesses​. 

Women's rights protest: Women's rights activists in Rome covered the Spanish Steps in red paint to symbolise the blood of female victims of violence. This protest is part of a larger campaign against femicide and gender-based violence in Italy​​. 

Daniele De Rossi extends contract with AS Roma: Former footballer Daniele De Rossi has signed a contract extension to remain the first-team coach of AS Roma until 2027. This move underscores the Serie A club's confidence in De Rossi's leadership and vision for the team's future​. 

Increase in drug consumption: On the occasion of UN Anti-Drug Day, it was reported that global drug consumption has increased by 20 per cent over the past decade. Pope Francis has called for stronger efforts to combat drug trafficking, labelling traffickers "death merchants".

UEFA EURO 2024: Italy is preparing for the upcoming knockout stages of the EURO 2024 football championship, with significant attention on their next match against Switzerland, on Saturday. The team's performance has been a major topic of discussion among fans and analysts​​.

Italian basketball star becomes a nun: Oriana Milazzo, a former star of Italy's national basketball team, has taken vows to become a nun with the Poor Sisters. Her transition from sports to religious life has captured public interest, with a grand celebration planned for 28 June​. 

Naples anti-seismic exercise: An important anti-seismic exercise was conducted in the Campi Flegrei area near Naples. The exercise, however, saw low participation, raising concerns about public preparedness for potential volcanic or seismic events in this geologically active region​​. 

Italian medical test controversy: A surge in perfect scores on medical school admission tests in Palermo and Naples has led to suspicions of irregularities. The anomaly has prompted investigations, particularly after videos relating to the tests surfaced on TikTok​​.

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