Monteverde neighbourhood

Monteverde is really divided into two areas, Monteverde Vecchia and Monteverde Nuovo.

Monteverde Vecchio is situated above and beyond Trastevere and on one side of the Gianicolo, Monteverde Vecchio is characterized by three or four-storey apartment blocks and tree-lined streets. The main attraction of the zone is Villa Pamphili, one of Rome's largest parks of Rome. It is a good place for joggers and fitness freaks and offers a series of attractions such as the newly-restored Villa Pamphili, now the centre for government conferences, several lakes and plenty of woodland. The district is quiet and relatively traffic-free, except the Via Dandolo zone, one of the streets that links Monteverde to Trastevere. There is a scarcity of public transport into the historic centre, but it offers a pleasant and seemingly unhurried way of life.

Monteverde Nuovo, built during the 1950s building boom, can be considered an extension of the adjoining area of Monteverde Vecchio. Slightly closer to the Circonvallazione Gianicolense, it offers much the same attractions and life style. However it is slightly cheaper although it is not so attractive and is further from the prestigious areas of the city. Bus links to Trastevere and the historic centre are rather better than in Monteverde Vecchio.


Cultural Academies

The American Academy in Rome, which was opened in 1894, provides a space for US artists, academics, musicians and historians to study in Rome, and to interact with the city’s ancient history and contemporary culture. Via Angelo Masina 5, The Royal Spanish Academy has hosted Spanish artists in many fields of study since its foundation in 1873, providing a cultural bridge between Spain and Italy


The Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, better known as the Fontanone (literally “big fountain”) is located on the summit of the Janiculum hill. The monumental fountain was built in 1612 to mark the end of the Acqua Paola aqueduct, restored by Pope Paul V, taking its name from him. More recently the fountain featured prominently in Paolo Sorrentino’s Oscar-winning film La Grande Bellezza.

Gianicolo View 

The view from the Gianicolo hill looks out over Trastevere below, the city, the Castelli Romani and the Apennines in the far distance. The panorama acts as a popular backdrop for photographs by tourists as well as couples on their wedding day. One of the best viewing points is the terrace directly in front of the Fontanone, which is connected to Trastevere by several steep flights of steps nearby.

Villa Doria Pamphili Park

This 17th-century villa is surrounded by 184 hectares of Rome’s largest landscaped public park. The property of the noble Pamphilj family since 1630, part of the park was acquired by the city in 1939 and the remainder by the Italian state in 1957. It has been open to the public since 1972. The house was recently restored for government use and receptions. The park is noted for its fountains, gateways, lake and statues, and is popular for walking, jogging, sports and picnics. The site is divided in two by Via Leone XIII, with entrances on Via di S. Pancrazio, Via Aurelia Antica, Via Leone XII, Largo Martin Luther King, Via Vitellia and Via della Nocetta.

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Address Via Dandolo, Roma, RM, Italia

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Monteverde neighbourhood

Via Dandolo, Roma, RM, Italia