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What to do in Rome in October 2020

A day-by-day guide to the best events and things to do in Rome during October 2020.

Autumn has arrived in the Eternal City, with a fall season full of exciting cultural and social events, from blockbuster art exhibitions to cutting-edge dance shows. Here are our suggestions, including day trips, for each day of October 2020.

1 Oct. Explore the outdoor exhibition Back To Nature in Villa Borghese.
2 Oct. Check out Rome's major new literary festival Insieme.
Insieme Festival
3 Oct. Discover original artworks dedicated to Cleopatra at the Egyptian embassy.
4 Oct. See the new Money go round show at Rosso20sette.
Money go round at Rosso20sette
5 Oct. Head to Mercato Centrale for a variety of modern Italian dishes.
6 Oct. Book the Ristoro degli Angeli in Garbatella and try the house potatoes.
7 Oct. Attend a papal audience in the courtyard of S. Damaso in Vatican City.
Visit the Appian Way
8 Oct. Go for a long romantic walk on the Appia Antica at sunset.
9 Oct. Choose from over 500 labels in the Amaro bar at Il Marchese.
10 Oct. Organise a family trek to the Gran Sasso National Park in the Apennines.
Basilica of St Paul's outside the Walls
11 Oct. Visit Basilica di S. Paolo fuori le Mura to see a portrait of every pope.
12 Oct. Take an autumn stroll around the alluring Aventine hill.
13 Oct. Try the fall flavours at Otaleg gelateria in Trastevere.
Torlonia Marbles
14 Oct. The long-awaited Torlonia Marbles show finally opens today.
15 Oct. Cinema enthusiasts must check out the Rome Film Fest kicking off today.
16 Oct. Pass the afternoon admiring the collection of vintage toys at Palazzo Braschi.
Canale di Monterano. Photo: Fabio_Costa / Shutterstock.com.
17 Oct. Make a day trip to the ghost village of Canale Monterano north of Rome.
18 Oct. Catch the opening performance of Mozart’s Zaide at Teatro dell’Opera di Roma.
19 Oct. Head early to climb the steps of St Peter’s Cupola for a magnificent view.
Trajan's Forum by night
20 Oct. Dive into history at Trajan’s Markets with the Civis. Civitas. Civitalis exhibition.
21 Oct. Order seasonal pumpkin dishes at famed restaurant Al Ceppo in Parioli.
22 Oct. Sign up for an urban drawing course with C-Rome tours.
23 Oct. Join a friend at Trinity College Pub for a gluten free beer on draft.
Visit Naples to see Rosa Parks' house
24 Oct. Travel to the Royal Palace of Naples to see Rosa Parks' house.
25 Oct. Get into the spooky spirit with a visit to the Capuchin Crypts on Via Veneto.
Capuchin crypt on Via Veneto
26 Oct. Support the Roman contemporary art scene with Rome Art Week.
27 Oct. Book tickets to one of Romaeuropa Festival’s exciting cultural events.
28 Oct. Stock up on juicy pomegranates from Piazza delle Coppelle open-air food market.
The late great Alberto Sordi
29 Oct. Pay tribute to Alberto Sordi by visiting the exhibition in his former home.
30 Oct. The Quadriennale di Roma art fair opens today at Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

31 Oct. Climb to the top of the Gianicolo and enjoy the amazing view over Rome.

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