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Chiostro del Bramante


Chiostro del Bramante is multifunctional cultural centre and organises of international exhibitions and cultural events.

A new idea of the museum accessible to all!

The Bramante cloister is an extraordinary example of Renaissance architecture forming part of the complex of the adjoining church of Santa Maria della Pace, the home of Raphael’s famous Sibyls fresco.

The Cloister

Constituting the real heart of the monumental complex with its broad, covered loggia splendid frescoed lunettes and unmistakable, harmonious style, the cloister welcomes all the guests at events, visitors to exhibitions and customers of the bistro as an ideal threshold to enter the rich world of the initiatives launched by the DART.



Square in plan and spacious, it is perfect for gala dinners, conventions, concerts, events and other activities. Capacity varies in relation to the type of service required, the maximum being over a thousand guests, and the innovative transparent, self-supporting, pyramid-shaped structure makes it possible to use the space also in the winter months.

The Museum

The present layout is the result of complex functional restoration of the spaces adjoining the cloister for a total surface area of 1,000 square metres on two floors. The large rooms that usually host the prestigious works of major DART events can in exceptional cases be used for private functions such as exclusive thematic banquets and prove suitable above all for in-depth study areas often in conjunction with corporate events.


The Loggia

While the loggia on the upper level usually hosts the outdoor area of the bistro, it is also an ideal setting for company events and private parties as well as a perfect stage for musical and artistic performances.  The windows of the bookshop and store look onto the loggia.

The Bistro and Sibyls room

A place to relax and savour the delicacies of sophisticated seasonal menus, the bistro is also an ever changing showcase for the young talents rigorously selected by the DART artistic directorate to present work parallel to the more established artists featured in the museum. Recently restored to serve both as an exhibition space and as the lounge of the bistro, the Sala delle Sibille or Room of Sibyls offers an exclusive view of Raphael’s renowned fresco, after which it is named, and a setting of matchless charm for events, meetings, book presentations, private parties and corporate functions.

The Galleries

Completely renovated and refurbished, the evocative spaces laid out in the cloister complex give the museum rooms an added dimension. Ideal for performances and small temporary exhibitions of work by young artists, they are also particularly suitable as spaces for meetings and presentations as well as a fully equipe conference room seating one hundred. Technical equipment (projector, screen, control panel  And microphones) and an independent entrance with modern reception make this an ideal place for meetings and conventions but also for shows, temporary shops, photographic projects and other activities.

Spazio Capriate

Characterized by the deft use of exposed roof trusses (capriate), the large room occupying the extraordinary space beneath the dome of the church of Santa Maria della Pace can be used not only for theatre workshops and courses but also for events in the field of the performing arts in general as well as temporary exhibitions and multimedia shows.


Expert renovation has led to the creation of three apartments inside the Chiostro del Bramante complex offering temporary accommodation for 2–6 guests.


Bramante’s cloister provides a unique setting for company, institutional or private events. Its square plan and wide spaces make it a perfect venue for gala dinners, conventions, concerts, performances, and various other events. Both the entire structure and each of its multi-function rooms are available.


The Chiostro del Bramante bookshop offers a vast range of books and multimedia products as well as a great variety of articles connected also but not exclusively with exhibition merchandising.

The selection includes books on art by both major and minor publishing houses, monographs and catalogues for the exhibitions under way, little-known series for art-lovers and collectors, and a range of educational books for art and music. A lively and comfortable setting characterized by numerous gifts of sophisticated, imaginative design such as household articles, furnishings, collector’s items, gadgets and articles for old and young.  Every element bears the authorial imprint. A visit to the gift shop also provides a cultural experience as well as information.

Children's Academy

The Children's Academy or Accademia dei Piccoli is the space permanently devoted by the DART to children in order to emphasize just how important it is to initiate education and familiarity with art from a very early age. The children’s academy offers a varied programme of courses and special initiatives as well as educational workshops organized during the exhibitions and run by skilled personnel. A different way to stimulate children’s creatività and imagination while the parents finally find some time for themselves in a place that caters for the needs of kids and grown-ups alike.

The Exhibitions

Through high-profile exhibitions and scholarly reflection, the DART programme is designed to foster awareness and understanding of the most significant episodes in the history of art, from antiquity through the historical avant-garde movements up to the latest contemporary developments.  The DART takes direct charge of the production, organization and creation of the exhibitions held in the Chiostro del Bramante as well as working jointly with public and private agencies and bodies to handle all the associated scholarly, operational, economic, advertising and media-related aspects.


Wanted in Rome card offers:

Turner - Art meets amusement €2,00 discount on price tickets for WIR card holders

Turner - Art meets amusement €2,00 discount on price tickets for WIR card holders

The Chiostro del Bramante has turned out to be, nationally and internationally, a point of reference for contemporary art. On this basis, it has developed the exhibition that will take place from the ...

The Chiostro del Bramante has turned out to be, nationally and internationally, a point of reference for contemporary art. On this basis, it has developed the exhibition that will take place from the 22 March-26 Aug, in collaboration with Tate Britain in London, showing works by William Turner, the English Romantic painter, printmaker and watercolourist.

For Wanted in Rome card holders a € 2,00 discount on the price ticket € 15,00 (including audioguide) and a Turner poster for free (5€ value)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 – 20.00 / Saturday to Sunday 10.00 – 21.00 

General Info

Address Via della Pace, 5, 00186 Roma RM, Italia
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Chiostro del Bramante

Via della Pace, 5, 00186 Roma RM, Italia

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