Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
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What to do in Rome in April 2019

Spring is a special time in Rome, as events begin to move outdoors. In April the city's parks and gardens come to life, friends meet for lunch outside once more, or take advantage of the longer days by going on a day trip out of town. April 2019 is full of interesting social and cultural events in the Eternal City. Here are our tips for things to do in Rome during April, one for each day.

1 April. Pick your own tulips at Tulipark at Villa De Sanctis on Via dei Gordiani.
2 April. Immersive yourself in the flowery lingo of Dublin friends Maggie 'n' Brigid at Teatro S. Genesio.
3 April. Be wowed by the work Manifesto by Julian Rosefeldt at Palazzo delle Esposizioni.
Galleria Borghese
4 April. Marvel at the masterpieces in Galleria Borghese, open late on Thursdays. Book in advance.
5 April. The Appia Antica park opens the doors of the first defensive fort built along the Tevere.
6 April. Visit Il Classico Si Fa Pop at Crypta Balbi, a show inspired by Rome's ancient souvenir trade.
Casa delle Civette at Villa Torlonia
7 April. Entry to Villa Torlonia is free today as part of the Domenica al Museo initiative.
8 April. American rockers Low perform their album Double Negative at Auditorium Parco della Musica.
9 April. Take in a lecture on Italy's links to Watergate at Centro Studi Americani.
Nur Bar
10 April. If you need a night out try the Karaoke room at the Very International Party tonight at Nur Bar.
11 April. Explore the evocative world of Anne and Patrick Poirier with Romamor at Villa Medici.
Artichoke festival at Ladispoli
12 April. The Sagra del carciofo romanesco celebrates the artichoke at Ladispoli this weekend.
13 April. Explore The American University of Rome during its Open Day and enjoy a classic barbecue.
14 April. Dedicate today to pizza and La Città della Pizza festival, this year at new venue Ragusa Off.
Waterfall gardens in EUR
15 April. Take a relaxing trip to the waterfall gardens by the lake in EUR.
16 April. Catch the Dream exhibit at Chiostro del Bramante before it ends. Discount for WiR cardholders.
Dream at Chiostro del Bramante
17 April. Check out the winning entries in the World Press Photo show at Pala Expo.
18 April. Embrace the exotic with a trip to Rome's Butterfly House on Via Appia Pignatelli.
Rome's butterfly house near the Appia Antica
19 April. Join Pope Francis on the ancient Via Crucis ceremony at 21.15 at the Colosseum.
20 April. Marvel at the designs and inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci at the Scuderie del Quirinale.
Natale di Roma
21 April. Enjoy Natale di Roma, Rome's 2,772nd birthday, with parades and historical re-enactments.
22 April. Celebrate Easter Monday with a picnic complete with a cheesy torta pasqualina.
Andy Warhol exhibition in Rome
23 April. Catch Andy Warhol's paintings at the Vittoriano before the show closes.
24 April. Pigneto organises an evening of live music and dj sets for Pigneto, Quartiere in Festa.
25 April. Explore 100 diverse roles played by 100 Rome women at the Capitoline Museums.
Mussolini bunker at Villa Torlonia
26 April. Explore a dark past with a tour of Mussolini's war-time bunkers at Villa Torlonia.
27 April. Let curiosity lead you to the Japan Festival where you can enjoy sushi and martial arts lessons.
28 April. Heading to the airport? Use your WiR card for a €3 discount on Samarcanda taxi fares.
Galleria Corsini
29 April. Enjoy the ancient art of Galleria Corsini, one of the few museums in Rome to open on Mondays.
30 April. Track down Caravaggio's paintings around Rome while admiring Bernini's masterpieces along the way.
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