Childrens’ Workshops with Psychologists

13 Mar-20 June. This series of eight workshops, entitled Spazio per Creare (Space to Create), is organised and held by two psychologists for children aged five to eleven and their parents. Its goal is to improve the parent-child relationship for the healthy growth of the child. Workshops are based on creative games and the use of artistic materials, colours, narration and theatre, which offer little ones the freedom of expression. Children share their emotions and accompany their parents in the discovery of their most interior world.

The first encounter is free and is entitled Tra Favola e Realtà and involves children telling their own story through a fairy tale. The second workshop is entitled La Fabbrica dei Giocattoli in which children express themselves through toys. In the third Tutti a Teatro, Emozioni Mascherate children discover their masked emotions. In the fourth Dare una Forma, children use clay to express themselves. In the fifth, entitled I Giochi che Avvicinano the young participants discover and explore new ways to express themselves. In the sixth encounter, entitled Coloriamo il Mondo children use colours to express their emotions. In the seventh, Il Corpo che Gioca children explore corporal contacts and movements. The eighth entitled C’Era una Volta.. explores the story of a puppet. Parents have a first free and individual meeting with the psychologists before the beginning the workshops for an overview on family history and contingent problems. At the end parents are able to ask for details regarding the interaction with their child.

For further details contact Dr Daniela Sacco (tel. 339/3080524 or and Dr. Giuseppe Itri (tel. 320/1929098 or

€30 per family. Meetings take place once every 15 days.


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Address Aspic per la Scuola. Via A. Macinghi Strozzi 42/A (Garbatella).

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Childrens’ Workshops with Psychologists

Aspic per la Scuola. Via A. Macinghi Strozzi 42/A (Garbatella).

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