Ryanair questions Italian ban on hand luggage

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, CEO of Ryanair Eddie Wilson, questions Italy's decision to ban the use of overhead lockers for hand luggage. 

"The ban on hand luggage is insane and exposes passengers to an increased risk of infection," Eddie Wilson, CEO of Ryanair, said in an interview with Corriere della Sera commenting on the decision of the Italain National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) to ban the use of aircraft overhead lockers.

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"We respect the decision, but it seems a measure designed by people who don't know how air transport works," Mr. Wilson added. "Apart from the discomfort for passengers, this ban increases the chances of people gathering. First of all, people are forced to queue at check-in counters to deposit their luggage, and this happens in areas of the airport with spaces that do not allow social distancing. It is less risky to board in a sequential order based on the seat number". 

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He continued, "their suitcase is touched by other people who are in charge of putting it in the hold, then unloading it and depositing it on the delivery belt”.

"We need common rules in Europe. According to EASA - Mr. Wilson says - people can fly again if there are equal rules in all countries, "I don't understand why ENAC went in another direction. Can someone explain to me why Italy is the only country on the continent to have such a restrictive rule?".

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