The Italian national railway company, Trenitalia, has announced plans to offer new special rates for small groups made up of adults and children. From 1 July onwards, groups of from between three and five people with at least one child and one adult will receive a 50 per cent reduction for each child and from 15 to 25 per reduction for each adult, depending on the day of the week on which the group is travelling, Monday to Thursday and Saturdays being the cheapest; free advance booking is included. The marketing team for Trenitalia estimates that the new offer will attract more than five and a half million travellers. The special offer is available on high speed and express trains but not on regional, interregional and international trains. To take advantage of the special offer one member of the group must have a Cartaviaggio, the Trenitalia travel card, which can be obtained free from any railway station.

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