Theatre for children in Rome

Teatro le Maschere

10 March

The Snow Queen, inspired by the Dutch novel by H.C. Andersen, for children aged 6-10, tells the story of two children Gerda and Kay, bound by a deep friendship. But one day a splinter from an enchanted mirror pierces Kay’s eye. From that moment on the world loses its beauty, and the games with Gerda turn into puerile and meaningless pastimes. 16.00, 18.00. Via Aurelio Saliceti 1/3, tel. 0658330817,

Teatro Nino Manfredi

9, 10 March

Pinocchio is re-adapted and performed by the Brakdance Dhalsim group for children aged 4-10. This unforgettable fairy-tale will thrill, entertain and touch the public. Sat 15.30, Sun 11.00.

16, 17, 23, 24 March

Aladdin’s Lamp. The re-adaptation of the tale that was originally part of the book One Thousand and One Nights. Recommended for children aged 4-10. Aladdin is poor, but one day a rich woman arrives in his town, pretending to be his aunt, and wanting to shower him with riches. But there is a hidden motive behind her kindness and generosity and she turns into a cruel magician in search of Aladdin’s magical lamp. Via dei Pallottini 10, Ostia Lido, tel. 0656324849,

Teatro Sette

9, 16, 23 March

This version of the Aeneid is for children aged six to ten. It tells of the journeys and adventures of Aeneas and of the vicissitudes that led to the foundation of Rome.  The play remains faithful to Virgil’s masterpiece. 17.30. Via Benevento 23, tel. 0644236382,

Teatro di Documenti

23, 24 March

The Field Mouse, the City Mouse for children aged three to eight, explores the value of nature, culture, the advertures of the city, friendship, solidarity and the importance of things. In this fairy tale two little mice welcome the young spectators into their fantasy world 16.00. Via N. Zabaglia 42, tel. 065741622,

Teatro il Sistina

24 March

Animal Farm, a musical, offers children the chance to reflect on the value of modern society. On stage are actors, singers, marionettes and ten beautiful foam rubber puppets, to entertain the young public. 11.00. Via Sistina 109, tel. 064200711,

Teatro Ghione

19-27 March

Snow Heart is a play for children aged six to 14. It tells the story of Mattia, a sick child, his family and his dearest friends Filippo and Camilla. One night a mysterious creature, named Zenorol, appears to Mattia and the two establish a special relationship. Tue-Sat 21.00, Sun 17.00. Via delle Fornaci 37, tel. 066372294,

Gabrielle Bolzoni