JASCH is an active musician coming from the fields of improvisation with a background in jazz and electroacoustic music. He holds a degree in jazz doublebass and a masters in digital arts. He has been performing improvised, electroacoustic and audio/visual electronic works in a variety of settings in festivals and clubs all over europe, the united states and canada.

Beside his solo works he is member of DYAD, the critically acclaimed live project with american video artist Johnny Dekam, www.node.net.

At Jasch website you can to look at codespace , an audio and visual performance which integrates realtime drawing and synthesized sounds in a minimalist and symbolic fashion. Generative (rule-based) processes or algorithms influence descriptive attributes applied to both drawing and sound. Gestural interaction through physical interfaces such as a sensor-glove are used for real-time control and are in strong opposition to the enigmatic and invisible world inside the machine.

Empty black space and fast moving abstract shapes, almost architectural structures, develop over longer periods of time. Pulsations, beats, cracklings and sonic creatures populate the piece. It evolves from dark and minimalist atmospheres to abstract densities, like a digital painting performed over an extended period of time. Three-dimensional visualisation, in conjunction with a specialized immersive sound-scape, take the audience on a visual and sonic journey into an abstract codespace.

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Address Public event on Sunday 13 June, 20.00 at the Cafe Toots (Centre Dansaert), 7 rue d'Alost, Brussels- Belgium
Website www.imal.org

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JASCH Concert -Realtime 3D for Visual Expressions

Public event on Sunday 13 June, 20.00 at the Cafe Toots (Centre Dansaert), 7 rue d'Alost, Brussels- Belgium

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