Con Edith: Allegro Feroce

17-18 Dec. Con Edith: Allegro Feroce, a project by Susana Talayero and Silvia Stucky.

Painter, writer, journalist and art critic, friend and travelling companion of artists, poets, composers, in Italy and the US, Edith Schloss (20 July 1919-20 December 2011) has left a trace in all those who came to know her and were part of her life in Rome.

The exhibition Con Edith: Allegro Feroce [With Edith: Fiercely Cheerful], curated by Susana Talayero and Silvia Stucky, intends to celebrate Edith Schloss and her independent and free spirit, through paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, assemblages by Jacopo Benci, Jacob Burckhardt, Primarosa Cesarini Sforza, Elvio Chiricozzi, Alvin Curran, Peter Rockwell, Suzanne Santoro, Georgina Spengler, Silvia Stucky, Susana Talayero.

The exhibition, taking place in what was for 25 years Edith's home and studio near Piazza Navona, will be accompanied by an online catalogue.

Sat 17 Dec, from 17.30. Sun 18 Dec 14.00-20.00.

Photo: Alvin Curran, Caspar, Edith Schloss Burckhardt, Richard Teitelbaum, Barbara Mayfield, Nicole and Frederic Rzewski in the Piazza Navona in Rome, ca. 1970. Photograph by Clyde Steiner.

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Address Via del Corallo 29 [Piazza del Fico]

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Con Edith: Allegro Feroce

Via del Corallo 29 [Piazza del Fico]