02 FEB - 02 MAR. You are invited to take part in an online listening event *BACTERIA TOYS*, which will be running over a four-week period.

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*BACTERIA TOYS* project consists in a musical score to nanotechnology exploring.

The music was inspired in nanotechnology research and the advances in science that will be achieved in consequence.

Enjoy the tracks. Meanwhile, you can read the original article wrote by Ed Regis about K. Eric Drexler ( nanotechnology godfather) that drive us on this project at:


This event is one of many online interactive experiences running over the year at http://www.picturesofsounds.com

PICTURESOFSOUNDS.COM is exploring the relationship between humanity and machines, as well as the relationship between the machine and itself.

Endless non-repetitive patterns creating new visual forms and sounds. Software algorithms receiving audio frequency data in real time distort and rearrange video information.

OpenGL abstractions driven by percussion, realtime graphic algorithms interacting with sound, bass frequencies distorting video loops in an endless realtime trip.

They also offers high quality music in MP3. Once downloaded, musics can be burned to disc, transferred to portable players, or played through your computer.

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Address Online event. Access the website.

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Brazil - Online Listening Event

Online event. Access the website.