A double fare system is causing confusion among passengers trying to take taxis into Rome from Fiumicino airport. On 1 October, a fixed tariff of 40 for trips between the airport and anywhere within the Aurelian walls came into force following an agreement between Rome taxi drivers and city authorities. However, the agreement did not extend to the 34 taxi drivers registered in Fiumicino, who are charging 60 for a trip from the airport into Rome. The Fiumicino drivers argue that the higher fare is necessary as (unlike the Rome cabs) they are not permitted to pick up passengers on the return journey from Rome to the airport. Passengers arriving at Fiumicino should check on the fare before getting in to a taxi at the airport if they want to avoid paying an extra 20. However, the mayor of Fiumicino, Mario Canapini, has warned that traffic police can direct anyone refusing the first available taxi to the back of the queue.