Mater Dei 1920x16
Mater Dei 1920x16
Mater Dei 1920x16
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Art Galleries in Historic centre area

Rome city art collection shows around 150 works. The story of the Rome's municipal gallery of modern art dates back to 1883 when the city purchased 40 watercolours by Ettore Roesler Franz. In subsequent decades, followi...
Gallery featuring international photographers who create an interesting dialogue between classical and contemporary art.
RCC -  724x450
Grace Gallery was founded by Nancy Robinson to exhibit her photography of the faces and places of Italy.
Contemporary gallery promoting painting, design and photography by emerging and established Italian and international artists.
The Memmo Foundation is devoted to the contemporary art scene and invites established and foreign artists to stay in Rome for site-specific exhibitions at the space.
Started by art historian Sara Zanin, Z2o Galleria promotes a broad range of innovative national and international contemporary artists.
One of this contemporary art gallery’s main goals is to offer an experimental space for a new generation of artists.
Operativa Arte Contemporanea is a new space oriented to young artists.
Il Ponte Contemporanea hosts exhibitions that reflect the international scene and contemporary artists of different generations.
The Federica Schiavo Gallery hosts cohesively curated large solo and group shows of well-known contemporary artists.
JCU 1920x190
JCU 1920x190
JCU 1920x190
Paideia H3 320x480
Mater Dei - 1400x360