Marymount - International School Rome
Marymount - International School Rome
Marymount - International School Rome
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Books in Historic centre area

Rome's newest independent English-language bookshop stocks North American editions of novels, non-fiction titles, essay collections, and literary journals in English. Located in the Piazza Navona area, the bookstore also...
The S. Susanna Lending Library offers memberships for 3-month, 6-month or yearly periods and provides a wide selection of quality books in all genres. It also offers a quarterly used book sale.
Marymount - International School Rome
Focused primarily on Spanish books, Libreria Spagnola Sorgente also carries a small selection of English titles.
The library is home to over 200,000 Reformation-era manuscripts, as well as bibles and valuable Latin, Greek and Oriental documents.
With its origins dating back to 1577, the prestigious Accademia Nazionale di S. Luca is home to thousands of ancient books on art. Entry to the libraries is free but there are strict rules of access. For more details...
The library of art and archaeology is the largest of its kind in the world, and contains many works in English. Visitors must be over 19 (or 18 if already enrolled in a university) and ID is required. See website f...
Invito alla Lettura specialises in used and antique books (with a small section in English), as well as records, prints, magazines and vintage posters. The shop also includes a small café. 
Opened to the public in 1701, this beautiful library contains over 400,000 volumes including Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, 17th and 18th-century comedies, and Roman governmental proclamations.
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