Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival

The fourth edition of Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival promises to be the biggest ever festival dedicated to street art in Italy.

This year the event features 40 artists, seven towns, three provinces and two regions. The festival has several aims: to transform the most neglected urban areas into in an accessible open-air museum; to bring contemporary art to the streets and to generate a process of interaction with art and artists; and to use art as a tool to rediscover urban areas and give new emphasis to previously-abandoned spaces.

The seven towns involved are in the Lazio and Campania regions, and include Gaeta, Terracina, Fondi, Arce, Latina, Priverno and Caserta.

The 40 participating street artists hail from 13 different countries in addition to Italy, including Lithuania, England, Poland, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Greece and Germany, as well as Brazil, Argentina, Russia, China and the US. Half of the artists have never painted in Italy.

Representing England is David Walker, whose designs were published on a special bus ticket by Rome transport authority ATAC last year, while representing the US is Martha Cooper, a photographer linked to New York's underground art scene and who participated in Rome's Outdoor Urban Festival in 2013.

Memorie Urbane has seen the artistic transformation of more than 90 walls since it was founded in 2011 by davide Rossillo.

For full details about the project see website.

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