From Friday 14 July it will once again be legal to carry a passenger on the back of a low-powered 50cc scooter, overturning an unpopular law made by the last government. Three conditions have been imposed, however: the driver of the vehicle carrying a passenger must be over 18 years old, the vehicle must be legally authorised to carry two people and it must have a new number plate.

Owners of old scooters do not have to change the number plate if they do not intend to carry a passenger. Those wanting to change the number plate should first check whether the vehicle is authorised to carry two people. If it is, they can apply for a new number plate at the Motorizzazione (vehicle registry office) or go to an agency that deals with vehicle registration. It is necessary to make three different payments, totalling 49.52, at the post office.

Those caught with a passenger on a 50cc scooter without the permit will have the vehicle confiscated and will be fined between 68 and 275.