Rome to stage Made in Italy fashion show on Via Veneto

Roma è di moda is latest fashion show to be held in Italian capital.

Rome will host a 'Made in Italy' fashion event showcasing the creations of Italian designers on Via Veneto on the evening of Thursday 28 July.

The event, scheduled from 21.00 until 23.00, will lead to the closure of the street to traffic as well as causing disruption to public transport services in the area.

Titled Roma è di moda (Rome is in fashion), the show will include designs by Alessandro Consiglio, Federico Firoldi, Francesca Liberatore, Lineapiù Italia and Guillermo Mariotto.

The show, presented by Pino Strabioli with Ema Stokholma, will feature international models, with actresses Nancy Brilli and Paola Minaccioni performing excerpts from films linked to Federico Fellini, Ennio Flaiano and Anna Magnani.

There will be dance too, courtesy of the étoile Alessio Rezza and dancers from Rome's opera house, against the backdrop of images dedicated to the "Dolce Vita" era with which Via Veneto is inextricably linked.

The event - which follows the recent Valentino fashion show at the Spanish Steps and the Altaroma show at the Campidoglio - comes days after Via Veneto hosted an open-air screening of Roman Holiday.

"Finally, after 20 years, Rome has rediscovered the centrality and visibility it deserves on the international fashion scene", commented the city's tourism councillor Alessandro Onorato.

For details of the event see Roma Capitale website. Photo Turismo Roma.

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Address Via Vittorio Veneto, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

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Rome to stage Made in Italy fashion show on Via Veneto

Via Vittorio Veneto, 00187 Roma RM, Italy