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French tourists offer €500 reward for teddy bear lost in Rome

Caroline-Marie's teddy went missing in Rome two weeks ago.

A French family visiting Italy has offered a reward of €500 to whoever finds a much-loved teddy bear that went missing in Rome on 11 July.

The missing posters around the capital contain an image of the well-worn white bear, whose distinguishing feature is a black paw, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

The teddy belongs to little Caroline-Marie who is "devastated" by the loss of her favourite toy, prompting her parents to offer the hefty reward.

The family, from Marseilles, stayed four nights on Via Damiano Chiesa in the Balduina area, reports La Repubblica.

On the last day of their holiday, 11 July, the family packed their bags and took the 990 bus into town.

They visited the Feltrinelli bookshop on Viale Giulio Cesare and a tobacconist, also in Prati, before returning to their accommodation on the 990 bus and driving back to France.

It was only when they crossed over the border into France that a distraught Caroline-Marie realised her teddy bear was missing.

That night her father drove back to Rome, checked at the hotel and retraced their footsteps in the hopes of finding the teddy, to no avail.

If found, the family say they will return to Rome to pay the reward and take the bear home. 

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