A small number of Romes taxi drivers have decided not to respect fixed fares between the city centre and the airport and have announced they will go on strike on 28 November. The move by the drivers follows city authorities decision to release 2,300 new taxi licenses. Newspaper La Repubblica described the dissenting section of taxi drivers as not very numerous, but including a few of the leading trade union personalities. Taxi drivers as a whole decided they would refuse city authorities proposal to install satellite positioning technology (GPS) in cabs, which would monitor where vehicles are at all times, at the end of October. But the rebel group says they will agree to GPS if city authorities withdraw their decision to release 2,300 new licenses, which they say will damage business. For tourists arriving at the airports, the rebel faction will provide additional confusion: already taxis registered in Fiumicino rather than Rome do not apply the fares, and now it will be hit-or-miss as to whether they get into a Rome-based cab driven by someone who respects the fixed tariff. The fee between Ciampino and Rome centre was fixed in October at 30, and between Fiumicino and Rome centre at 40.