City authorities have launched a new voluntary citizenship course for foreigners wanting to become Italian citizens. The ten-hour course takes the form of a cycle of three lessons that will be repeated around 50 times between November and May 2007. Students will learn about the basic concepts behind citizenship, the Italian constitution and the republic as well as the countrys principal national and local institutions. In addition to politics, history and ideology, the course will also give practical advice on the procedure for acquiring citizenship as well as financial laws and issues. Each cycle takes place once a week for three weeks from 15.00 to 18.00 or 18.30 at the Sala Rosi, Viale Manzoni 16. The lessons have been designed so that students from different ethnic backgrounds can attend the same classes, and a maximum of 60 people can enroll for each cycle. At the end of the course, which is free, students will receive a certificate of attendance. City authorities describe the course as a step towards integration. There are currently around 3,000 foreigners in Rome waiting to become Italian citizens. For more information see or tel. 0667104680 / 0667103047.