Prices continue to soar across the country, according to a report from Italian national consumer body Adoc. Comparing figures from January 2001 and May 2005, prices have risen across the board: from travel to rent to food. Rents in Rome have soared by 93.6 per cent and in Bari by 78.7 per cent; the cost of public transport in Rome and Milan has risen by 29.9 per cent, and in Palermo by a massive 92.3 per cent. Major foodstuffs bore the brunt of grocery rises, with milk up 20.4 per cent, bread up 38.8 per cent, salt up 30.4 per cent and eggs up 56 per cent. Eating out can cost twice as much as four years ago, with restaurant meals rising by 69.4 per cent, sandwiches up 72.4 per cent, and a simple bottle of water up 96.1 per cent. As for the little luxuries, cappuccino and croissant climbed 68.7 per cent and hand-made ice cream 58.4 per cent.