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Pope says covid-19 vaccination 'act of love'

Pontiff urges people to get vaccinated against covid-19.

Pope Francis has added his voice to a media campaign urging people to get vaccinated against covid-19, describing it as an "act of love."

The pope said that vaccines “bring hope to end the pandemic, but only if they are available to all and if we collaborate with one another.”

The video appeal, recorded in Spanish, was produced by the Vatican and the Ad Council as part of a campaign to tackle vaccine scepticism.

The appeal features several cardinals and archbishops from North, Central and South America as well as the Argentine-born pope, with Brazil's Cardinal Claudio Hummes praising the “heroic efforts” of medical professionals in developing “safe and effective” vaccines.

"Being vaccinated with vaccines authorised by the competent authorities is an act of love" - said the pope - "And contributing to ensure the majority of people are vaccinated is an act of love.”

The pontiff added: “Vaccination is a simple but profound way of promoting the common good and caring for each other, especially the most vulnerable.”

The pope's participation in the appeal comes 10 days after Italian media reported that the pontiff had his own 'Green Pass' digital covid cert which is required, among other things, to enter the Vatican Museums.

In January the pope said it was an "ethical duty" to get vaccinated, describing opposition to the covid vaccine as a "suicidal denial that I cannot explain."

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