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Italy fines commuters €81,000 for not wearing masks on public transport

Masks are still obligatory on public transport in Italy.

Police in Italy fined commuters without masks on public transport - in violation of covid restrictions - a total of €81,000 over the last week, according to Italian news reports.

The nationwide blitz on buses, subways and trains is set to continue in the coming days as public transport networks return to full capacity amid the reopening of schools and businesses after the summer holidays.

Under Italy's coronavirus regulations, commuters are still required to wear FFP2 masks on buses, trains, subways, trams and ferries, (but not planes), until 30 September.

During the police checks in recent days, officers handed out 203 fines for breaching mask rules on public transport, with 11 drivers among those fined, reports newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

Commuters in Rome received fines of €11,600 over the last week, according to Rome online newspaper RomaToday.

Despite the regulations in place, it is increasingly common in Rome to see commuters - both Italian residents and tourists - without masks on the metro and buses.

Amid debate in government about extending the obligation on 1 October, Italy's health undersecretary Andrea Costa said last week that he was in favour of dropping masks on public transport.

Where do you still need to wear a mask in Italy?

Masks must be worn on public transport - with the exception of planes - along with hospitals, care homes and healthcare facilities.

For official information about the covid-19 situation in Italy see health ministry websitePhoto credit: Michele Ursi /

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