Rome is preparing to host children from war-torn regions of Israel and Lebanon. This initiative of the city, the Roman Catholic relief organisations, Caritas di Roma and S. Egidio, the Red Cross and the local Jewish and Islamic communities aims at providing temporary relief for the innocent victims of the conflict.

In a few days some 60 children from both countries will arrive in the capital and will stay in the citys accommodation for minors. Health assistance, psychological counselling and leisure activities will be available to the young guests. The children will be between 8-12 years and will stay for two weeks. Younger children have not been included in the project as it could be too traumatic for them to be separated from their parents.

Financing will be provided both by the city and by private contributions.

The Jewish community in Rome has offered to host some further 200-300 children in their homes. A hotel in Tuscany has also been offered accommodation for the children and Caritas has promised to make some beach resorts in Ostia and lArca available for their recreation. For contributions and information visit the website

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