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Restaurants in San Lorenzo district

Step back in time with family recipes in a 1940s-style Roman trattoria. Tram Tram is an old-fashioned trattoria serving tasty, traditional Roman cuisine alongside Pugliese fish dishes in the heart of the S. Lorenzo dist...
Hamburgeseria offers gourmet burgers, complete with homemade bread and sauces, as well as American coffee, milkshakes, cookies and desserts, all prepared by New York chef Michael J. Rosenfeld. Located in the S. Lorenz...
Ambrit 724 x 450
Good classic Italian food with a modern flair, frequented by both locals and tourists. The restaurant's signature dish, taglioni del pulcino, is highly recommended.
Those looking for a break from pizza and pasta need search no more.  Jamrock provides Jamaican and Caribbean dishes — inspired by African, Indian and European recipes — with cocktails, craft beer and rum. The resta...
Trendy restaurant whose extensive menu has a strong emphasis on fish and seafood dishes as well as homemade pasta and pizza. In addition to lunch and dinner it is known for its pre-dinner aperitivi with unlimited buf...
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