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Food in Campo de' Fiori neighbourhood

Tiramisù fans in Rome can avail of take-away portions of the tasty Italian treat from ZUM, whose name is inspired by the initials of the three principal ingredients of tiramisù: zucchero (sugar), uova (eggs) and mascarpo...
Specialising in filetti di baccalà - delicious, crispy battered cod fillets - Dar Filettaro is the nearest thing Rome has to a fish and chip shop. Located in a tiny piazza off Via dei Giubbonari, between Campo de' Fi...
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Since 1970 locals and tourists have flocked to Il Forno, a popular but unassuming bakery located in the corner of Campo de' Fiori. Best known for its pizza slices, in particular its pizza bianca, the bakery has a smalle...
This supermarket carries a vast selection of exclusive brands ensuring the best quality at the lowest price.Meat and fresh fruit, as well as a variety of detergents and products for animals are also stocked.
Located in the city centre near Campo de' Fiori, this tea shop offers more than 160 types of tea. It sells many different types of teacups and teapots as well as coffee, chocolate, jams and marmalades.
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