Best music in Rome this week end

Introducing a new section where you will be able to check every week all the best music events happening in the Eternal City. Let’s start from this weekend.


Andrea Doria Sporting Centre presents eclectic American trio PillowTalk (Record Labels: Visionquest, Wolf + Lamb). Their music philosophy is D.A.G. (destroy all genres) since they like to mix different styles.  

Les Folies feat. Defected will hosts American DJ Marc Kinchen aka MK (Record Labels: Defected, Hot Creations) at Atlantico.

Aurelia train station will be the unusual location (opening night) of a new summer place (called surprisingly Into the Station). Argentinian DJ Seph (Record Labels: BPitch Control, Aula Magna, Dumb Unit) will perform his dub-techno and experimental electronic music.

Bosco delle Fragole Club open its doors again (after the last week opening) in a house-electro-pop night organized by Tramp crew.


RebelRebel night (moved to Andre Doria Sporting Centre) will hosts german DJ Tama Sumo (Record Labels: Ostugut Ton, Diamonds & Pearls) with her house-techno straight from Berlin (Barghain resident DJ).

La Bibliotechina presents second night with WoooW! Party with different DJs performing Electro-House-Indie/Dance-Nu Disco.

Changing style, balcan musician and movie director Goran Bregovic will perform at Auditorium-Parco della Musica for ‘La Notte della Taranta’ night. Two orchestras will play this famous traditional music from south of Italy (Puglia).


Best event of the weekend will be ‘Modern Mythology’. Event at Stadio dei Marmi featuring italian Marco Carola and british legend Carl Cox (they will be introduced by Giancarlino, Cirillo, Mathew Johnson and Aril Brikha). Marco Carola (Record Labels: Desolat, M_nus) is probably the best-known Italian DJs in the world, he started in Naples and he is now guest of the main music events and festival worldwide.

But, if you are tired from the parties of the weekend and you want to relax before a new week I suggest you see The National concert at Auditorium. This American band is one of the most appreciated indie-rock bands from their beginning in the end of 90’s.

by G.L.Panetta