At 08.00 on Tuesday, the people queuing to pay their respects to the body of John Paul II stretched from Vicolo delle Palline near Borgo S. Angelo, snaking through for about a kilometre to Via Conciliazione and finally to St Peters basilica. Coming from the historic centre and the river, you must find your way into Borgo S. Angelo to join the end of the line. It would be more advisable to take the metro (line A) to Ottaviano, walk to Piazza Risorgimento and then to Borgo S. Angelo.

The queuing system is orderly with crowds following the steady current quietly. As the line approaches Via della Conciliazione, the police allow only 200 people through at a time.

Barriers have been put in place to control the lines. Clear pathways next to the queue have been created in order to allow anyone to get out at any time. Every 100 to 200 metres there are blocks of public toilets, and water is being handed out. There are also medical services readily on hand.

Due to the influx of people, the basilica closed for less time than expected this morning, only for an hour between 03.00-04.00 for cleaning.