Tram 8 Piazza Venezia extension works facing history?

Could these photos of road works along Via delle Botteghe Oscure indicate that there are some interesting ruins underneath the surface?

The works, on the stretch of road between Largo Argentina and Piazza Venezia, are part of the project to move the terminal of Tram 8 from its present position in front of Teatro Argentina to Piazza S. Marco just off Piazza Venezia.

This is an archeologically-sensitive area of Rome, sandwiched as it is between the ancient Roman ruins in Largo Argentina, the spot where Julius Caesar is said to have been assassinated, and those to the north side of the Campidoglio, one of the administrative and religious centres of the ancient city.

Via delle Botteghe Oscure runs in front of Crypta Balbi, a portico built by Cornelius Balbus, one of Augustus’ generals, which has also proved to be an important mediaeval site and now houses a museum.