Tram 8 extension jams traffic in Rome centre

The extension of the tram tracks from Largo Argentina to Piazza S. Marco just off Piazza Venezia is now causing serious traffic problems in the centre of Rome.

All traffic coming down Corso Vittorio Emanuele, including private vehicles, is now turning right into the west (or theatre side) of Largo Argentina. This lane used to be reserved for buses that stopped in front of Teatro Argentina.

The pavement in front of the theatre has now been widened but does not reach right up to the area of the Roman ruins, where legend has it that Julius Caesar was murdered. There is still a section where the buses stop but it now has to cope with private traffic as well.

Even if this is only a temporary measure there still remains a problem.

The new tracks for Tram 8 coming from Trastevere have been laid on the left-hand side of Via delle Botteghe Oscure in the direction of Piazza Venezia. This means that all buses turning into Largo Argentina from Corso Vittorio Emanuele and then along Via delle Botteghe Oscure towards Piazza Venezia have to cross the tracks.

It is already difficult for public transport to filter into the right hand lane of Via delle Botteghe Oscure with the traffic coming along Via Arenula from Lungotevere. In future they will also have to contend with trams before crossing over the tracks and turning into Via delle Botteghe Oscure.