Make an adventurous night-time journey to discover crocodiles, iguanas, tortoises and chameleons, birds and tropical plants in the heart of Rome. The voyage takes place in the exhibition "Furti di natura" and is designed to make the public aware of the illegal trade in protected species. The virtual journey begins in a plane and continues in different environments such as a perfectly-recreated rainforest with trees and tropical birds flying free. This is a fun educational experience using birds and animals that have been taken into care, having been illegally imported into Italy. The star of the show a four-metre long crocodile called Mario who was found in the bathtub in a private house in Rome.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 21.00-24.00. Bioparco, Piazzale del Giardino Zoologico 1. Tickets 8. For information tel. 06 3608211 or visit