Suspect detained over murder of American student in Rome

Homeless Rome man accused of killing American student found in Tiber.

Italian police have detained a man suspected of killing 19-year-old American student Beau Solomon, whose body was found in the river Tiber near Ponte Marconi on 4 July.

The suspect, a 41-year-old homeless man originally from Rome, faces charges of aggravated homicide.

It is unclear yet whether the man, named as Massimo Galioto, was responsible for charging $1,700 to Solomon's stolen credit cards in Milan.

Two witnesses told police they saw a man being thrown into the river from Ponte Garibaldi on the night of 30 June. Solomon's body had a serious head wound, possibly consistent with a fall.

The visiting student from the University of Wisconsin-Madison went missing at 01.00 on Friday 1 July, hours after arriving in Rome, during a night out at G-Bar, a popular student bar in Trastevere. His roommate told police that Solomon was not drunk, that he said he was going to the bathroom but he never returned.

Solomon had been due to begin a summer course at Rome’s John Cabot University on 1 July but was reported missing by university authorities when he failed to attend the orientation course.